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Alfred Mainzer (Eugen Hurtong)
152 cards
Archie Gunn
52 cards
Arthur Thiele
69 cards
Bernhardt Wall
317 cards
C. Klein
733 cards
C. Ryan
51 cards
23 cards
Charles Marion Russell
44 cards
Charles Twelvetrees
149 cards
Cobb X Shinn
85 cards
248 cards
E. Curtis
133 cards
E. Nash
44 cards
Ellen Clapsaddle
1598 cards
F. Earl Christy
188 cards
Frances Brundage
186 cards
Fred C. Lounsbury
50 cards
Frederick Burr Opper
25 cards
Gene Carr
23 cards
Grace Wiederseim
44 cards
H. B. Griggs (HBG)
305 cards
Hamilton King
22 cards
Harrison Fisher
68 cards
Katherine Gassaway
58 cards
Lance Thackeray
61 cards
Louis Wain
61 cards
M. Dulk
13 cards
M. Greiner
16 cards
Mabel Lucie Attwell
27 cards
Maurice Boulanger
67 cards
Philip Boileau
57 cards
Raphael Kirchner
20 cards
R. F. Outcault
126 cards
Rose O'Neill
34 cards
Samuel L. Schmucker
132 cards
Tom Browne
67 cards
Tuck's Oilette Series
499 cards
William Henry Ellam
31 cards
Xavier Sager
65 cards

Painting of 1920s Woman
Painting of 1920s Woman
Georges Wambach 

Painting of Woman in Blue Hat
Painting of Woman in Blue
E. H. Kiefer 

1901 Nurse Giving a Child Medicine - Russian Red Cross
1901 Nurse Giving a Child
Medicine -...

Art Deco Dressed Up Couple on Beach
Art Deco Dressed Up
Couple on Beach
Tito Corbella 

Art Deco Two women in beach with umbrellas
Art Deco Two women in
beach with umbrellas
Adolfo Busi 

Art Deco Two Flapper Women with Asian Parasols
Art Deco Two Flapper
Women with Asian...
Adolfo Busi 

Art Deco Block Print of Couple in Park
Art Deco Block Print of
Couple in Park
G. Meschini 

Art Deco Man and Woman Standing By Tree Holding Hands
Art Deco Man and Woman
Standing By Tree...

Art Deco Lady with Birds
Art Deco Lady with Birds
Mela Koehler 

Rare 1916 Art Deco Statue of Liberty
Rare 1916 Art Deco Statue
of Liberty
Rachael Robinson Elmer 

C. Coles Phillips 

Art Deco Couple on Beach with Umbrella
Art Deco Couple on Beach
with Umbrella
Lucien Achille Mauzan 

Little Girl and Christmas Tree
Little Girl and Christmas
Mela Koehler 

Bill Fisher 

Lou Mayer 

Modèles d'Atelier #1
Modèles d'Atelier #1
A. Penot 

Partially Nude Pose - Modèles d'Atelier #2
Partially Nude Pose -
Modèles d'Atelier #2
A. Penot 

Nude Modèles d'Atelier #3
Nude Modèles d'Atelier
A. Penot 

Nude Woman Modèles d'Atelier #4
Nude Woman Modèles
d'Atelier #4
A. Penot 

Risque Woman Sleeping Modèles d'Atelier #5
Risque Woman Sleeping
Modèles d'Atelier #5
A. Penot 

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