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  • Amusement Park At Night Birch Bay, WA Postcard

    2020-11-23 19:47:14 -
    omg. i cannot believe that i found this picture/postcard. I know this place all to well and as i wipe back the tears of a happier time in my life i swell with pride. you see, i grew up on this carnival back in the 70,s. the memories of the first years of my life were here at the park. My dad(Harry Axelsen) was the octopus operator, my mother(Barbara Axelsen) was the snow cone ladyt and my aunt Alice was the ticket booth lady everyone bought there ride tickets from. Arlene King was the elderly woman who owned the show and every morning when we woke up(my sister Susan and I could not get our little sandals on quick enough to run over to Arlenes mobil home and see her. We had a ritual every morning where we would race as fast as our little feet could take us to her oplace and shed be at the front door with both her hands behind her back and she would say:WHOS MY GOOD LITTLE GIRLS TODAY? And Susan and i would,me i am. And shes say thats my good girls and out would come from behind her back two rolls of tickets for the rides. One for Susan and one for me. I havent seen this park in over 40 years. Boy the stories I could share with you. But thats alot of writing to do.

  • An Old Cape Cod Grist Mill Eastham, MA

    2020-11-23 18:38:08 - Irene Paine
    This windmill is in Eastham on the town green, the next town south of South Wellfleet. The windmill was built by one of my ancestors, Thomas Paine (one of the many)

  • Railroad Y.M.C.A. Building Florence, SC

    2020-11-23 13:36:42 -
    Does anyone know the street address of the Florence SC. YMCA on this postcard

  • Scottish Rite Temple, Sixth Avenue And Park Street Des Moines, IA

    2020-11-23 10:02:09 -
    When was this photo taken?

  • Candle Kissing and Apple Christmas

    2020-11-22 12:53:01 - JaneB
    This is hilarious. Thanks for posting this. I found a link at which had a blog entry of "10 Creepy Vintage Christmas Cards"

  • Interior, Enlisted Men's Club, Ft. McClellan Anniston, AL Postcard

    2020-11-22 11:08:44 -
    are there any photos of my dad robert p hunter year 1928,, at camp mcclennan

  • Interior, Enlisted Men's Club, Ft. McClellan Anniston, AL Postcard

    2020-11-22 11:06:11 -
    are there any photos of my dad at camp mcclennan in 1928

  • The Taylor Wine Company Hammondsport, NY

    2020-11-22 10:11:26 - DenB1214@AOL.COM
    Perhaps it's a matter of taste, culture or history. However, I found both Taylor's Cream Sherry and Golden Sherry not up to my expectations. Maybe it's the brandy used in the mix or the lack of solaria curing. Thus, I prefer Sherry made in the old Spanish tradition--fortified with brandy distilled from the original wine and at least three years of solaria curing.

  • Derby Restaurant And Rebel Store Fulton, KY

    2020-11-22 03:13:32 - bingo103.bc@gmail.com⁸
    Beverly Conley

  • Derby Restaurant And Rebel Store Fulton, KY

    2020-11-22 03:12:14 -
    It sure has changed it's outside appearance! My Mother use to waitress there back in the early 60s !

  • Seaview Manor Daytona Beach, FL

    2020-11-21 11:39:19 -
    I must have the next grouping of post cards. Mine lists Barnhartas owner. Very cool to see he worked his way up