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Bedrooms, Old Faithful Inn
Bedrooms, Old Faithful

1690. Observatory summit on Shoshone Dam, on the Cody Road to Yellowstone Park
1690. Observatory summit
on Shoshone Dam,...

The Liberty Cap, Yellowstone National Park
The Liberty Cap,
Yellowstone National Park

Lobby, Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone Park
Lobby, Old Faithful Inn,
Yellowstone Park

Old Faithful Inn - Dining Room
Old Faithful Inn - Dining

Fireplace and Stairway in Lobby, Old Faithful Inn
Fireplace and Stairway in
Lobby, Old...
Yellowstone National Park, AZ

The Porch, Old Faithful Inn
The Porch, Old Faithful
Yellowstone National Park, WY

Lobby of Old Faithful Inn
Lobby of Old Faithful Inn
Yellowstone National Park, WY

Grand Canyon Hotel, Lounge Staircase
Grand Canyon Hotel,
Lounge Staircase

Boating on Yellowstone Lake
Boating on Yellowstone

Speedboat Adelaide, Yellowstone Lake
Speedboat Adelaide,
Yellowstone Lake
Yellowstone National Park, WY

Steamboat on Lake
Steamboat on Lake
Yellowstone National Park, WY

Tenaya Lake
Tenaya Lake

Lobby, Canyon Hotel
Lobby, Canyon Hotel

Lake Hotel
Lake Hotel
Yellowstone National Park, WY

Grand Canyon Hotel Dining Room
Grand Canyon Hotel Dining
Yellowstone National Park 

Grand Canyon Camp, Main Building
Grand Canyon Camp, Main
Yellowstone National Park 

Chittenden Bridge and Auto Stages
Chittenden Bridge and
Auto Stages
Yellowstone National Park, WY

A Lake Boat - Yellowstone Park
A Lake Boat - Yellowstone

Yellowsone Park Camps Co. - Single Tent
Yellowsone Park Camps Co.
- Single Tent
Yellowstone National Park 

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