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Barnard College, Columbia University
Barnard College, Columbia
New York City, NY

Washington Profile, Sayre Park, Lehigh University
Washington Profile, Sayre
Park, Lehigh...
Bethlehem, PA

College Hall, University of Pennsylvania
College Hall, University
of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

Sterling Chemistry Laboratory - Yale University
Sterling Chemistry
Laboratory - Yale...
New Haven, CT

Group of Buildings, Susqeuhanna University
Group of Buildings,
Susqeuhanna University
Selinsgrove, PA

Armory Building, Purdue University
Armory Building, Purdue
Lafayette, IN

Armory and Gymnasium, Ohio State University
Armory and Gymnasium,
Ohio State University
Columbus, OH

Bird's Eye View of South Campus, University of Illinois
Bird's Eye View of South
Urbana, IL

College of History, First American University Building
College of History, First
Washington, DC

Fernald Hall, University of Maine
Fernald Hall, University
of Maine
Orono, ME

Gymnasium, Norte Dame University
Gymnasium, Norte Dame
Notre Dame, IN

Hill Auditorium, University of Michigan
Hill Auditorium,
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

Women's Dormitories, University of Chicago
Women's Dormitories,
University of Chicago
Chicago, IL

College of Medicine, University of Vermont
College of Medicine,
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT

Natural History Building, University of Illinois
Natural History Building,
University of...
Urbana, IL

Liberal Arts College, Syracuse University
Liberal Arts College,
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY

Brown University Library
Brown University Library
Providence, RI

Rockefeller Hall at Brown University
Rockefeller Hall at Brown
Providence, RI

University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN

Medical Chemisty Bldg., University of Minnesota
Medical Chemisty Bldg.,
University of...
Minneapolis, MN

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