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The Cake Walkers - Young's Pier
The Cake Walkers -
Young's Pier
Atlantic City, NJ

Honey, I'se Waitin' Fo' You
Honey, I'se Waitin' Fo'

Cuckoo Cuckoo!!!
Cuckoo Cuckoo!!!

Grapefruit Tree in Florida
Grapefruit Tree in

Picking Cotton In Alabama
Picking Cotton In Alabama

Black Children on Porch
Black Children on Porch

Race Suicide Down South
Race Suicide Down South

Four Smiling African American Boys Sitting On The Grass
Four Smiling African
American Boys Sitting...

Aint Going to be no Rine
Aint Going to be no Rine

Boy Eating Watermelon
Boy Eating Watermelon

Greetings from the Sunny South - Cake Walkers - Way Down South in Dixie
Greetings from the Sunny
South - Cake...

She Do, She Don't, Ah Hopes She Do
She Do, She Don't, Ah
Hopes She Do
Charles Twelvetrees 

Cotton Picking Time
Cotton Picking Time

Black Children
Black Children

I'se So Happy!
I'se So Happy!

Let's Kiss and Be Friends!
Let's Kiss and Be

Old Market
Old Market
Charleston, SC

Black Boy Sitting on Cup
Black Boy Sitting on Cup

Black Girl Sitting on Pot
Black Girl Sitting on Pot

Black Baby Crying
Black Baby Crying

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