Pteranodon Maximum Cards


Stock #: 235789
Type: Postcard
Era: Continental Chrome
Publisher: Maximum Card Collection
Postmark: 1989 Oct-1
PM City: Lake Buena Vista
PM State: FL
Stamp: 25c
Size: 4" x 5.75" (10.25 x 15 cm)

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Additional Details:
First Date of Issue: October 1, 1989 First Issue Location: Lake Buena Vista, Florida The swamplands of prehistoric North America teamed with life. Snakes glided through murky waters, forty-foot crocodiles lived along the shores, and flying reptiles called Pterosaurs glided overhead on leathery wings. Pteranodon, one of the largest of the Pterosaurs, had a wingspan of about forty feet and long, toothless jaws. Since Pteranodon's small body was only about as large as a modern turkey's, the animal's enormous wings had relatively little weight to carry, and pteranodon could glide through the air with great ease. Scientists believe that gliding was pteranodon's sole means of propulsion through the air -- the creature had no "keel," to which the powerful flight muscles of birds are attached, so it is not likely that it could flap its wings. And because fossilized pteranodons are found frequently in oceanic rock formations, it seems probable that the animal was a marine hunter. It isn't hard to imagine pteranodon soaring over the waters, scooping into its pelican-like jaws any prehistoric fish which strayed too close to the surface