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Publisher Name# of cards availablePublisher Name# of cards available
Curt Teich & Co.10606Hugh C. Leighton Co.6887
E. C. Kropp Co.6876Tichnor Bros Inc.6487
Raphael Tuck & Sons5675The Rotograph Co.5144
Edward H. Mitchell4529Detroit Publishing Co.3452
Souvenir Post Card Co.3322Valentine & Sons Publishing Co.3196
Asheville Post Card Co.2883Metropolitan News Co.2841
Dexter Press Inc.2778A. C. Bosselman & Co.2341
International Art Publishing Company2102The L. L. Cook Company2087
Ill. Post Card Co.2075American Art Post Card Co.1991
Bromley & Company1528Western Publishing & Novelty Co.1526
Colourpicture1524Detroit Photographic Co.1491
The American News Company1428Artvue Post Card Co.1428
Forward's Color Productions1412C. W. Hughes & Co.1384
Leighton & Valentine Co.1343Petley Studios Inc.1293
C. T. AMERICAN ART1257Sanborn Souvenir Co.1141
M. Rieder Publisher1127John Winsch1091
MIKE ROBERTS891The Albertype Co870
Reichner Brothers833Walt Disney Productions748
G. W. Morris744The Albertype Co.718
C. T. ART COLORTONE705Rochester News Co.685
Manhattan Post Card Co.683Union News Co.665
The Collotype Co.638S. H. Knox & Co.636
Bamforth & Co.625United Art Co.605
Florida Natural Color, Inc.591Pacific Novelty Co574
Coral-Lee554Valentine Souvenir Co.550
Alfred Mainzer521Hannau Color Productions520
Colourpicture Publishers, Inc500The Rhode Island News Company495
Danziger & Berman490Kardmasters471
3-D Natural Color Reproduction466Pacific Novelty Co.456
H. S. Crocker Co., Inc.452W. M. Cline Co.448
Louis Kaufmann & Sons437Portland Post Card Co.432
C. T. Art-Colortone429I. Robbins & Son427
The Springfield News Company403Newman Post Card Co401
Columbia401Colourpicture Publishers Inc.396
Harvey's Studio393The Acmegraph Co389
The New England News Company387S. H. Kress & Co387
Robbins Bros385B. S. Reynolds Co.384
MWM383Photo Arts366
Natural Color Cards Co.362Mason Bros. & Co361
Fred Harvey355Eastern Illustrating Co.353
Eastman's Studio351Frasher's Inc.351
Colourpicture Publication345Colourpicture Publishers, Inc.342
mwm Co.327Newman Post Card Co.324
E. D. West Co.324Tomlin Art Co.320
The Collotype Co320Scenic South Card Co.319
Modern-Ad317I. & M. Ottenheimer313
Thompson's Community Service312V. O. Hammon Pub. Co.311
C. P. Johnston Co.307Robbins Bros.303
Whitney303W. M. Cline Co303