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Here is the Place we Grow Large Cabbage
Here is the Place we Grow
Large Cabbage

Ain't we Got Fun?
Ain't we Got Fun?

Pumpkins Grown on our Soil are Profitable
Pumpkins Grown on our
Soil are Profitable

Marketing a Good Crop of Apple, Prairie Farm
Marketing a Good Crop of
Apple, Prairie Farm

Oxen Pulling Cart With Oversized Pineapple
Oxen Pulling Cart With
Oversized Pineapple
Honolulu, HI

Dinnertime in Maine, Boone's Restaurant, This Table Reserved for You
Dinnertime in Maine,
Boone's Restaurant,...

UFO Sighting over Old Orchard Beach
UFO Sighting over Old
Orchard Beach
Old Orchard Beach, ME

Oh You Clam! Speak You Clam, So SIlent and Sane We Would Fain Hear Your Gentle Voice Again
Oh You Clam! Speak You
Clam, So SIlent and...

A Carload of Tomatoes From
A Carload of Tomatoes

The Fishing is Fine Here French River
The Fishing is Fine Here
French River
North Bay, ON

Dear Love, I Would Like to Put an 18-Carrot on Your Finger
Dear Love, I Would Like
to Put an...

I Could Enjoy a Dinner With You
I Could Enjoy a Dinner
With You

A Specimen of Our Strawberries
A Specimen of Our

A Wagon Load of Grape Fruit, Florida
A Wagon Load of Grape
Fruit, Florida

A Winter's Supply
A Winter's Supply

The Train Hold-Up - Grasshopper
The Train Hold-Up -

Bringing in the Sheaves, a Common Scene on an Iowa Farm
Bringing in the Sheaves,
a Common Scene on...

Wait a Minute Folks, We've Run Into Something
Wait a Minute Folks,
We've Run Into Something
F. D. Conard 

A Car Load of Peaches from California
A Car Load of Peaches
from California

California Strawberries
California Strawberries

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