Large Lot of 284 Antique Valentine's Day Postcards

Additional Details:
To My Valentine - A Man Reading to Two Women
Man Jumps Through Heart Held by Woman, Here's to You My Valentine
To my Valentine, The Filipino Cupid Is the color of Pecan
Tis hard to tell just what he has or what he hasn't on. His spear is odd and pointed. True Filipino Art. Tis sharpened with my warmest love, may is soon pierce your heart.

Boy and Girl in an Airplane
Say you're mine, Valentine, O'er my heart to reign, then we'll ride, side by side, on my aeroplane

Walking board poem
Puns Series 13
The Board Promenade Freddy witnessed yesterday, A strange and wondrous feat; For right in front of him he saw The board-walk down the street.

A Greeting From St. Valentine Cupid dropping a bag of envelopes through window
A Valentine Message Cupid dropping Valentines out of a window
To My Valentine - picture of Cupid trying to shoot arrows through a closed door
To My Valentine Oh! please to be my Valentine, See love is worn and thin. He's worked with me so very hard, To try your heart to win.

Dog Winking at Girl Buster Brown R. F. Outcault
Resolved- that there's a certain party, that seems to be about the size of my valentine

Couple on either side of a large lobster
Love Tribunes Series 5
A Lobster I am and always will be; But won't you have pity and please marry me? To my Valentine

Man Struggles to Carry Lots of Luggage While Dog Laughs, Valentine Greetings R. F. Outcault
Valentine Greetings Man sat on tack, yelling, scaring dog R. F. Outcault
Valentine Greetings - A Woman Holding a Small Man
Series 2204
Tho' short my purse, my love is long and strong.

Valentine Greetings - A Woman Holding a Rope with a Man at the End
Series 2204
I long to have you lead me as long as life lasts.

Woman with magnifying glasses looking at the snow H. B. Griggs (HBG)
L & E Series 2243
I've lost my heart and as I prize it, will you, who find, please advertise it!

Cupid Looks at Woman, If You Will Sigh For One Alone, Most Happy I To Be That One! H. B. Griggs (HBG)
Hurry back with the answer. A boy sending another boy in a uniform off with a card and flowers. R. F. Outcault
Buster Brown Series 1002
There is also a dog watching the soldier leave to deliver the valentine.

Boy handing girl a heart flower The first blossom of the spring, My Valentine to you I bring
Cupid in a car with arrows through hearts
Series 201
Love's Telegram. To my Valentine. All ready-loving heart-to take trip-don't give me the slip-doctor not far-hired Dan Cupid's car-he'll get us there-hungry loving pair-so wire quick or we'll get guyed-before the knot's tied.

Don't Drive a Willing Horse to Death - Child Riding a Toy Horse
Boy Leans Close to Girl
Valentine's Post Card Series 104
Dear little Senorita, I send to you with this my heart's best love and with it goes a "Mexican kiss"

Melody in B Minor Man playing Baritone, next to a cat
The Pillow Tumble Cartoon Boy Looking at angry Pillow
Puns Series 13
As Bobby was romping about the house, he thought he heard someone call, and on looking into his mama's room, saw the pillow slip and fall.

Little Boy Listens to Personified Napkin Ring Ringing a Bell, To My Valentine
Puns Series 13
The Napkin Ring. While waiting for his breakfast James began to sing; but soon he stopped to listen. For he heard his napkin ring.

Woman Stands in Front of Flowers and Hearts, To My Valentine
Closet full of clothes, hats, and a pair of shoes
B.B. London & New York Series
It Isn't what you Wear, but what you Are. It does not matter what you wear It's what you are, is what I care-Tho' I adore the frills and lace I love still more your pretty face.

Woman with scissors and thread sewing a skirt on a dress form
Series 7
When the dressmaker comes for a stay, She is generally paid by the day; She'll ruin a skit, "Fits well," she'll assert, Gives excuses galore for delay!

Switchboard Operator Woman, Valentine Greetings
Series C
The "Hello" girl's voice is so sweet, that you ask her to kindly repeat; but perchance you may find, she's less gracious or kind, if you met face to face on the street.

Valentine Greetings Melting Heart, woman holding valentine
Series B
When the love-sick maid's lover appears, Most all of her family have fears, as she swoons in his arms, that she'll loose all her charms, and he'll postpone the marriage for years!

Valentine Greetings, Cartoon Man, heart with crutch in the corner
This man is a sower of tares, He's forever knocking down fares, While his partner out front, Is performing the stunt of knocking down folks unawares.

Waitress Carrying Bowls, Valentine Greetings
Series 7
The waitress asks, "What is it you wish?" Whether soup or meat, dessert or fish. She spills things galore, in pacing the floor, and often her thumb you'll find in the dish.

Valentine Greetings, woman licking envelopes A few good licks for a change
C Series
It's her business all mail to address, but she mixes things up in a mess; the letters each day she sends far astray, - she's to blame, but will never confess.

Couple Sits Close With Each Other, To My Valentine
Little Nursery Lovers Series 9
Mary, Mary, quite contrary, my love does not withstand; say "Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, to gain my heart and hand."

Old King Cole, Kneeling in front of the Queen, and Mother Goose
Little Nursery Lovers Series 9
Old King Cole was a merry old soul for sadness he'd no use, he sent this line to his Valentine, Be mine dear Mother Goose

Couple sitting on stools, with a pie and a kettle
Little Nursery Lovers Series 9
Said little Jack Horner, From out his snug corner, Please put on the kettle for tea, I love you, dear Polly, For you are so jolly, Do tell me my sweetheart you'll be.

Mary and her lamb, Male on knees asking for her hand
Little Nursery Lovers Series 9
A Differ, a Dollar, a Ten O'clock Scholar. Me Mary one day with her lamb; Said he, I adore thee, entreat and implore thee, Do take me, love, just as I am

To My Valentine - A Man and Woman Sitting on a Hill
Little Nursery Lovers Series 9
Jack said to Jill, as down the hill, They tumbled side by side, I love you and I'd care for you, No matter what betide.

Couple sitting and whispering next to cat
Little Nursery Lovers Series 9
Be my little wife, sweetheart, I'm tired of living single; Change your name dear Valentine, And make it Mrs. Jack Jingle.

To My Valentine Boy and Girl Kissing
Two Children Kiss Behind Fan, To My Valentine
Little Girl Holding Potted Flowers, To My Valentine
Stone Lithograph

Little Girl Gives Out Rose, To The One I Love
Series 2736
Oh, little rose, oh, little rose, please tell me without delay, who will be my Valentine just lisp his name, I pray.

Cupid Roasts Hearts Over Fire, To My Valentine
To my Valentine Cupid holding heart
Cupid Stands Near Flowers, Advance Agent for a Furniture House
Woman Surrounded by Arrow-Pierced Hearts and Roses, Cupid and Bow, To My Valentine
Series 2048-1
"My love is like the red, red rose"

With Love's Greeting Man holding heart flower wreath and doves flying
With Fondest Love - Child in Colonial Dress with Rose Heart and Doves
My Heart's Best Gift Woman holding heart wreath and doves
A well dressed man and woman taking a stroll together arm in arm across a field. Pictured inside a
Series 8100
heart with mini cupids across the card.

To My Valentine - Cupid Dressed as a Firefighter Putting out a Heart on Fire
Hurry to help me! Don't stop to inquire. Can you not see that my heart is on fire?

Cupid in Chains - A Girl Holding Cupid on a Chain of Flowers
St. Valentine's Greeting Woman's portrait Samuel L. Schmucker
To My Valentine, a little Indian boy shooting an error at a little Indian girl.
Valentine Greetings - A Kid Roping a Man and a Woman
B.W Series
May every good my dear one bless life virtue health and happiness.

Jack in the box surprising woman with heart
Valentine Series 112
don't be surprised, don't be afraid, to find I love you little maid. I've loved you all along and now, I'll be your Valentine I vow

A token of love, Cupid on book, Woman in Heart Frame with roses
Heart with a deer head on top
To My Sweetheart

Couple driving a car covered in flowers with cupid riding on the back.
PFB Series 7936
To my Valentine.

I'm squareing up this heart of mine for him who'll be my Valentine woman and heart made of squares
To Me Valentine Woman and Man and clover Bishop
I love ye thrue me Colleen Bawn From Morn till Night From Dark till Dawn Ye're iver in this heart of mine, mavourreer, be my Valentine

Two Cupids Don't shoot, I surrender, I'm young and so tender.
Just ask and I'll answer, And maybe, I guess, If you ask me just right, I think that I might, I'm sure that I will Say yes

With fond love, little boy holding an apple
To My Valentine
Love Tribunes Series 5
A lobster I am and always will be; But won't you have pity and please marry me?

Little Girl in Dress Surrounded by Heart of Flowers, With Loving Greetings
A Girl That's Worth Her Weight in Gold is Polly Pig-tail I am Told, For My Sweet Valentine M. G. Hays
Girl in Dress Dotted with Four Leaf Clovers, To My Valentine
Series 2749
Polly Pig-tail's always lucky, here she comes to win you, ducky.

Love in a Sausage A girl and boy and a sausage
Love Tributes Series 5
Won't you dearest Cataline, Be mine little Valentine?

23 Skidoo - Stylish woman standing by a shoe with 23 on it, and man running away from shoe
"Love Tribunes" Series 5
What means this shoe so very new? Why, "23" skidoo, skidoo! But if you'll be my Valentine, This shoe, my love, will not fit you.

Japanese Couple Kisses
Wooden Wooers Series 104
O, maid with eyes so dark and bright, 'tis you I wish to please; accept my deep and tender love, dear little Japanese.

A Native American Couple holding hands
Wooden Wooers Series 104
Enchanting maid of copper hue, My heart with love beats fast for you; For life I would not give a straw, Unless, sweet one, you'd be my squaw.

To my Valentine, Couple sitting on the crescent moon
Valentine Greeting Wanted you no other need apply woman in hat
Reflective Valentine Picture of heart with smiling and frowning man
A little line from your Valentine will turn it upside down, If your face is doleful and inclined to frown.

My Valentine Cupid's arrow pierced my heart with loving thoughts from a dart
Series V-189
With joy that is most divine I beg you be my Valentine

Cupid Spies on Woman, Cupid's Military Tactics, "The Spy," "The Enemy Fords the Creek"
To my Valentine written on a pillow surrounded by blue flowers
Valentine Thoughts What's Life Without Love? Couple on bench in front of heart
To My Valentine E. Curtis
"Arra' go on Ye're only foolin'"

For my Own True Hearted Valentine - Two Birds
For my true love The knight of the Forget-me-not
Series 3125
Forget me not, bold knight of mine, return and claim your Valentine

Cupid writing letters: "A token of true love" Ellen Clapsaddle
To My Valentine - Couple Kissing Sitting in the Moon
To my Valentine Couple sitting on crescent moon
Couple sits on a silver crescent moon with a heart above them
Series 6859
To my Valentine.

To my Valentine Cupid delivering mail, kissing girl
My Valentine I Greet Thee - Two Kids with a Kitten
Valentine's Greetings - Cupids playing tennis with hearts
Little Girl in Dress and Sunbonnet, For My Valentine
Valentine Series 81
This makes a novelty place card. Cut out figure and past on back of easel. Your sunbonnet hides a lovely face, but cannot disguise your charm and grace.

Child in a bonnet holding a basket and an umbrella
Valentine Series 81
For my Sweetheart.

Little Girl in Dress and Sunbonnet, For My Valentine
Valentine Series 51
This makes a Novelty Place Card. Cut out figure and paste on back of easel. I love your sunbonnet, it's charming I'm sure. But you my sweet darling, I simply adore.

Dream on my Valentine Woman dreaming of man 5 images of the man above sleeping head
To my Valentine Cupid with an eagle On eagle's wings I bring to you
To my Valentine, Black child with bare bottom picking sunflowers with a dog
Series 3
I lubs yo' mah honey, an' I wants yo' mighty badly

To My Valentine Cupid looking at dog
From Many Lands Series 3
Whate'er may come you need not fear, I'll love you always fond and dear.

To My Valentine - An Angel on a Dog
From Many Lands Series 3
Oh! Lassie frae the land o'thistle. I'll come to thee if thou but whistle.

To my Valentine - A Cupid, a Dog, and a Dancing Pig in front of a Shamrock
Many Lands Series 3
Arrah, g'wan! Don't stop to tase, But be me Swateheart, if you plaze.

To My Valentine - Cupid and a Lion
From Many Lands Series 3
I cawn't help it. dontcherknow. I love you and must tell you so.

Scottish boy and dog
From Many Lands Series 3
"To my Valentine, O, lassie, will ye gang wi' me To the Birks o' Aberfeldy?"

To My Valentine Patriotically dressed male with a valentine and an Eagle
Valentine Post Cards Series 3
The United States is the place for me, Does the united state appeal to thee?

Cupid dressed as a leprechaun with pigs in front of a shamrock
Valentine Post Cards Series 3
To my Valentine. e heart bates for you swate alone, I think your own heart turned to stone.

Girl holding a toy soldier.
Wooden Wooers Series 104
Say you will be my Valentine, To cheer me on through life, And promise, dear, you'll not refuse To be a soldier's wife.

Dove Flying Over Woman, I Greet Thee Valentine
To my Valentine Woman and Cupid, Paints on a pallet
Woman and Large boot with "23" on bottom kicking small man
Love Tributes Series 5
What means this shoe so very new? Why, "23" skidoo, skidoo! But if you'll be my Valentine, This shoe, my love will not fit you.

Man in Heart Frame I wish for you a little man with manners always beautiful
with clothing always spic and span his pleasure be it dutiful. And if you're sharp you will agree: The portrait is describing me. Your Valentine.

Valentine Greetings - A Man in Court Frederick Burr Opper
Hooligan Series II
You are that notorious character known as happy hooligan

To My True Love - A Woman in a Heart
To My Valentine Cupid behind a Tree trunk
Man and Woman Holding Hands with Flowers and Heart in Background, To My Valentine
Cupid Writes Valentine Cards, To My Dearest, Feb 14 My Busy Day
To my Valentine Cupid Driving Woman in car holding a bouquet of flowers with a dove on top
Boy holding a wishbone inside torn paper heart
Series 951
To my Valentine

My Valentine Greeting - impish boy dressed as pirate, girl in distance
Series 9051
My Valentine Greeting "YOU are the treasure I'd like to steal."

My Valentine Greeting Cupid and boy
Give me your heart I've sent you mine, And say you'll be my Valentine

My Valentine Greeting Won't you be my Valentine and say my heart you'll not decline? girl and boy
To my Valentine Man with goat and wagon, woman walking away
Me steed, me valuables and jewels at the disposal of that goil, and she spurns me advances

It's made for us I do declare, St. Valentine's old Arm chair boy and girl in chair
As long as you're my Valentine, In love's sweet prison I won't pine Boy handing girl flower
Love's fairy bubbles, bright and fine I'll blow with you My Valentine boy and girl heart bubbles
Whose Sweetheart are You? - A Woman Sitting on a Bench
A couple on a tightrope
Valentine Series 39
For awhile... I'd love to go steady.

Woman's Legs, Dear Valentine, "I'd Like to See More of You"
With fond love Woman with birds flying around her
Kindling Love - romantic couple besides fireplace
St. Valentine Sends Best Wishes This Way - Woman in Floral Bonnet
Be My Valentine - A Woman Lifts a Small Child Who Holds a Bunch of Flowers
With love to my Love Cupid with Spider Web and Hearts and Blue Flowers
Cupid Flies in Airship, My Valentine Think of Me Ellen Clapsaddle
Series 1035
My airship is light, my heart is free. Young Cupid shall bear my love to thee.

Cupid holding a cottage in a heart and a castle in another heart
Series 524
In Cottage lonely or castle fine, I love you only sweet Valentine

Woman in Heart of Flowers, My Valentine Greeting
Series 2815
May sunshine gladden all your hours, and make your way bloom fair with flowers.

Little Girl Writes Valentine's Letters at Desk, Will You Be My Valentine?
Girl in hunting attire: "Hunting for a sweetheart or a Valentine"
Child in Prayer on Pillow, Guitar on Back, I Pray You Be My Valentine
Boy playing a mandolin wearing a blanket and sombrero with hearts and ribbons
Series 313 D
Wilt by my Valentine?

True Love's Greeting Women and children sending Valentine's Ellen Clapsaddle
Series 1238
May your fond love in favor shine, on him who sends this Valentine.

Children Delivering Hearts Ellen Clapsaddle
Series 1238
To my Valentine. I love my love and shall be true, naught but her my heart does sue.

Valentine Greeting Boy and Girl Under Umbrella Ellen Clapsaddle
I promise you in rain or shine to be your faithful Valentine

Man Fishing, I Thought I Would Drop a Line and Hope it Will "Catch" My Sweet Valentine. Frederick Burr Opper
Cupid Kissing a Woman
Series 522
Realization, Met, what bliss! Snatched a kiss! Now she's mine, Own Valentine.

Valentine A Boy with a Pipe Sitting in a Chair
Big Red Lobster, Woman with Fan, Butler in Suit, To My Valentine
Love Tribunes Series 5
A lobster I am and always will be; but won't you have pity and please marry me?

A Man with his Arm Around a Woman
And I'll Marry You!

What a bargain you will be, Just the very wife for me! Woman and furniture E. Curtis
I loves you Boy and Girl on sled in front of heart
To my Valentine Cupid Holding Heart
To My Valentine - A Woman Handing a Man a Lemon
Love Tributes Series 5
'Tis a lemon that I hand you and bid you now "Skidoo" Because I love another - There is no chance for you!

To My Valentine - A Cupid Holding a Heart
Be my Valentine. Art Deco design with a girls picture
To my Valentine Let Hearts and Thoughts Entwine Cupid playing Guitar
My Valentine Man and Woman about you I'm stark staring ravingly mad
for you look like a collar-store's breath-taking ad

Woman Aims Bow at Cupid, To My Valentine
Cupid Sits on a Heart with a Fishing Pole, Roses, To My Valentine
To My Valentine - Cupid on a Painting Pallete
Cupid in Front of Big Painting Palette, To My Valentine
Baby Paints Picture of Another Baby, To My Sweetheart!
To My Valentine
I'm tickled to death to see him.

My Dear Valentin Girl with white bonnet holding a net with a heart
Woman Play Ring Toss with Men's Heads, Cupid Plays Marbles
Our Motto Now or Never. "Ring up the man you want." The man you ring the man you get. 3 rings for 10¢.

Love greetings boy handing girl a bouquet
There never was a sweeter face, there never was such gentle grace, and none has filled this hear to mine, like you, my own, dear Valentine.

Little Boy Walks on Heart, To My Valentine
Series 2220
My love is such a little scamp. On my poor heart he likes to tramp. Where every footstep leaves its stamp.

To my Valentine Woman holding large heart with writing
Woman's with hat with roses above large heart
L & E Series 2218
I wish I were the happy rose, That nestles near your cheek And breathes against it's sister rose The love I dare not speak!

Mary and her lamb, Male on knees asking for her hand
Little Nursery Lovers Series 9
A Dillar, a Dollar, a Ten O'clock Scholar, Met Mary one day with her lamb; Said he, "I adore thee, entreat and implore thee, Do take me, love, just as I am

Mother Goose, Queen, Old King Cole
Valentine Post Card Series 9
Old King Cole was a merry old soul For sadness he'd no use He sent this line to his Valentine, Be mine, dear Mother Goose

A Princess in Front of a Castle
Series 89 B
If I were a charming princess, You'd bow at my very feet; While I sang a thrilling song, you'd whisper Valentine sweet.

A Castle, a boy, and a heart If I were a handsome prince and lived a long time ago
Series 89 E
I'd tell you how much I loved you- Would be your Valentine Beau.

Valentine Wishes - Child on Chaise Lounge in Heart
Series 7130 B
You'll do for me and I hope I will do for you, girlie!

Man kneeling to propose to a woman
The Proposal.

To My Valentine - Two Children in a Box
Cupid Playing Baseball, To My Valentine "You're Out"
The Piano Proposal, or the Message of the Music
For My Sweet Valentine A charming bride I'm sure you'd make, Will you my hand and fortune take.
Woman in sailor outfit holding oars and a football sitting on a heart H. B. Griggs (HBG)
L & R Series 2218
You're in the crew you're on the team. Your classes show you far from stupid. Twixt play and study have you time to take a special course with Cupid?

To my Valentine Child on heart H. B. Griggs (HBG)
Series 2220
My love is such a little scam, on my poor heart he likes to tramp. Where every footstep leaves it's stamp.

Girl seated on heart: "To my Valentine" H. B. Griggs (HBG)
Series 2220
Dear Lassie, would you be a Queen! Then say you'll be my own I'll crown you with a crown of love, My heart shall be your throne!"

To My Valentine H. B. Griggs (HBG)
L & E Series 2219
Ah the Heart was made for love, quarrels hurt and fret it_ If we two must disagree-Let's forget it!

To my Valentine A Man sitting on a heart playing guitar H. B. Griggs (HBG)
To My Valentine - Woman with Veil Behind Large Heart with Poem H. B. Griggs (HBG)
Series 2218
Sweetheart, when you wear a veil, all little dots and dashes, thro' which your dimples and your smiles can penetrate by flashes, you look like some old-time marquise all merriment and folly - come be my Valentine and we will banish melancholy.

To My Valentine - Fairy Climbing Ladder to Another Fairy, in Front of a Big Heart with a Poem On It. H. B. Griggs (HBG)
To My Valentine Honey When I see yo' smile sho enough worth while H. B. Griggs (HBG)
Girl in dress standing in front of a heart H. B. Griggs (HBG)
Series 2220
To my Valentine. I hold you in my heart, forever fair and young. Dear little sweetheart to whom my songs are sung!

To My Valentine: Cupid writes in a notebook as a reporter H. B. Griggs (HBG)
To my Valentine Boy sitting on heart H. B. Griggs (HBG)
L & E Series 2220
I'd like to be your little beau, because I'm small don't say me no. If you'll just wait I'm sure to grow.

To my Valentine Boy's head on heart H. B. Griggs (HBG)
L & E Series 2217
Ma heart is full ob honey. Talk de bes yo ebber heard but yo scares ma tongue until it balk an' caint git out a word!

To my Valentine Woman with tambourine holding a heart
Scottish woman with bagpipe: "For my true Love"
Series 1254
"I send this lass to call to min' The love I have for my Valentine"

To my Valentine Woman Holding large heart with writing
The Philosopher To my true love, no harm to send a Valentine boy with dog mailing Valentine Ellen Clapsaddle
To my sweet Valentine The knight of the carnation
Series 3123
I've buckled on my armour bright, and for your love I mean to fight.

To my Valentine The Knight of the Violet Cupid's ready for the fray, love will conquer you today
Boy in Armor with Wings, Heart Shield, and Large Orchid, The Knight of the Orchid, For My Valentine
Series 3126
I love you, by my shield I swear it, and on my bended knee declare it.

To my sweet Valentine The knight of the rose
Series 3123
A thousand fights I'd brave alone If I could win you for my own.

Dainty Maid with hat so fine, Will you be my Valentine?
Boy in blue with hat and flower in hat
Series 3018
This little lad all dressed in blue Has come to say "I love but you."

Little Girl in Flowery Dress, For My Dear Valentine
Series 3484
Ermine is a fur I ween suitable for any Queen, Baby Belle in ermine starts to bear this to my Queen of Hearts.

To my Valentine three babies Now don't the look contented? Rose O'Neill
Series Jun-27
Sure we would be as fine, If you were just my Kewpie, and I your Valentine.

To My Valentine - A Woman in a Frame
Cat couple getting married with flowers above them and hearts
To my Valentine.

Shure Its Fer M' Valentine
Series V 48
Older male dressed up ready to hand valentine out

This is February 14th - A Girl in Pigtails with her Dog R. F. Outcault
To My Love Boy on ladder, helping a girl baskets of hearts
Valentine Thoughts Do you suppose she loves me Rags? Boy with dog
Valentine Greetings Girl in coat and furry pants with a cat
Series 1507 D
This is for an awful nice boy, Fluffs!

Woman in Pink Dress and Hat with Fan, Valentine Greeting
To my Valentine-Don't let the cat out of the bag girl holding bag
Man sitting at a desk talking on a phone. Woman standing outside a ladies waiting room Ellen Clapsaddle
Series 1827
There was a nice sensible man Said she knows I will come when I can, (Well meaning you know, But a little bit slow.) Which was certainly hard upon Ann.

To My Valentine - A Man and a Woman Kissing
To my Valentine Woman shooting Cupid with arrow
For My Loving Valentine, Girl holding hearts and white flowers
Series 1512
Thine eyes are like two twinkling stars and they sparkle both day and night; love's sweet song abides withing thee, O will though be my shining light?

A Token of Love Boy handing rose to a girl
To My Valentine: I'm tickled to death to see him. Girl covering her mouth. Ellen Clapsaddle
Woman's Head in a Morning Glory Flower Helen E. Jeffers
Series 93 B
I'm not quite sure that this is true- A Morning Glort applies to you, The combination's only rare In case you'll be my Valentine fair.

Cupid Kisses Woman, Realization Met, What Bliss, Snatched a Kiss, Now She's Mine, Own Valentine
To the one I love Child with Umbrella Ellen Clapsaddle
Series 605
I cam to inquire, if you found a little heart that perhaps belonged to me

To my Valentine, Cartoon Man with a bandaged Heart DWIG
Valentine Series 402
Gee, Kid! I've got an awful heartache- What's good for it?

To My Valentine - Cupid Holding a Candle
To My Sweetheart Two Cupids with a box of hearts, one sitting on a bench flowers and gate
Two Cherubs Kiss, Two Doves
Two Cupids whispering
Cupid's Fortune Telling Cupid Reading Cards to a girl
A dark gentleman is in love with you

To My Valentine - Cupid Playing Cards with a Girl
A light lady will give you her heart.

To My Valentine - A Couple Embraces Sitting on the Moon
Woman wearing a hat with gold flowers falling
Valentine Greeting

My Valentine Think of Me - Woman's Face in Bonnet with Flower Petals
Woman in Dress and Hat with Umbrella and Book, Valentine Greetings, On The String
Series 6
The summer girl would have you believe that her heart is not pinned to her sleeve; be careful, young sir, in comp'ny with her, or her sixty-ninth romance you'll weave!

Man proposing to woman I offer you my heart and hand and ask on bended knee
Wooden Wooers Series 104
That you will be my Valentine and love none else but me

Boy Plays Drum H. B. Griggs (HBG)
Series 2243
As a drum sounds louder the harder you beat it, so my heart grows fonder the more you mistreat it

Two Cupids on a Limb Both looking sad with a question mark H. B. Griggs (HBG)
Series 2245
I can't read your heart- perhaps I am stupid, but I think it could baffle the questions of cupid!

Woman in Hat, Blue Flowers, Valentine Thoughts Samuel L. Schmucker
To my Valentine Woman In Heart with Dogwood Samuel L. Schmucker
Woman in Heart Surrounded by Flowers, A Valentine Message Samuel L. Schmucker
To My Valentine - Poem in a Heart, with Pretty Woman in the Background Samuel L. Schmucker
Food for Love I always find When I call you To my mind.

My Token of Love Samuel L. Schmucker
If this book...You will open wide, You will find, My love inside.

Cupid shown inside 3 hearts with green flowers
To my Valentine

Two children: "A loving thought"
Cupid holding a heart with flowers Samuel L. Schmucker
A gift of love. What the Star is to the Evening, The Blossom to the bee, The soft Breeze to the Leaflet, That, Love, thou art to me.

To my Valentine Woman holding umbrella E. Curtis
"Youst bane ma best fine gyrl" E. Curtis
Be my Valentine portrait of woman in frame Affection's offering and good wishes
To my Valentine Cupid looking at woman Samuel L. Schmucker
St. Valentines Greeting Cupid looking over woman with bouquet in heart frame Samuel L. Schmucker
Cupid and girl Samuel L. Schmucker
My Valentine, Think of Me, Girl receiving flowers from Cupid Samuel L. Schmucker
Greetings to my Valentine Man looking at woman, heart in background
To my Valentine Two Cupids putting blue flowers around a heart in the sky
Man in a tux kneeling next to a woman in a dress with flowers next to him
Series 536
I adore Thee my Valentine.

To the One I Love - A Woman in a heart Ellen Clapsaddle
Two cupids kissing
To my Valentine. I dreamed I stole a kiss from you. My conscience hurts me now tis true
Series 422
so if you'll only tell me when, I'll come and give it back again- woman in red flower dress

Tulip girl: "Valentine Greeting"
Series 422
"If this dainty little tulip throws a kiss she's not to blame For if I could stand where she is I am sure I'd do the same."

Children in fancy dresses: "To my Valentine"
St. Valentine's Greeting - Girl Holding Bouquet of Roses in Front of Heart and Envelope
Cupid Getting Ready to Shoot Arrow
Series 269
To my Valentine.

Think of your true love Woman's face in a heart with heart pendants
To my Valentine Boy flying airplane
Series 2787
Through the air come, fly with me, Where the heart is light and free, you are my love and I am thine, don't say nay my Valentine

Loving Valentine Greetings Little Girl with Heart Bouquet
To my love, but I love somboddy boy on red chair with dog and ball
My Valentine Here's to You Woman holding heart with man jumping out of it H. Wessler
Man Jumps Through Heart Held by Woman, You Auto Be Mine Own Valentine
A Song from the Heart to My Valentine Woman holding hear with man stepping out of the heart
Woman Offers Lemon to Man, To My Valentine
Love Tribunes Series 5
'Tis a lemon that I hand you and bid you now "skidoo," because I love another- there is no chance for you!

Cupid dropping Valentine in a clover box
A Valentine Message Cupid sitting on log tying together two hearts Samuel L. Schmucker
St. Valentine's Greeting - Woman's head in heart
May good health and happy days be yours today, tomorrow, and always.

To my Valentine Doll and cupid flying
Too slow by far are automobiles or anything else that goes on wheels, but what do you say to an air balloon, a trip to the stars and the honeymoon?

To my Valentine Doll holding suitcase
Series AR 6
A case full of love I've brought you here, from some one to whom you are very dear; who somebody is I may not say; I think you will guess though right away

An Indian Shooting Arrows at a Heart
Series 1037
As this indian cupid pierces with his dart - that's the way that you, dear pierced my loving heart.

Cupid Holding Flowers Rose O'Neill
Kewpie's bringing violets blue, with my compliments to you. We thought it such a pretty way to say "Hello" on Valentine's Day.

Gathering Hearts
As along the way you roam Of hearts you've gathered many, I'm sure that mine's among the lot, For now I haven't any.

Two Cherubs Putting a Lock on a Man and Woman, To My Valentine, Love Laughs at Locksmiths
To My Valentine Ellen Clapsaddle
Series 605
Your witching eyes have stolen away this loving heart of mine so give me in exchange, I pray. Your own sweet Valentine.

To the one I love, child with umbrella I came to inquire, if you found a little heart Ellen Clapsaddle
Series 605
that perhaps belonged to me

St. Valentine Greeting - A Boy Holding Mail Ellen Clapsaddle
Valentine Greetings Woman riding horse, lassoing heart
Man Riding Horse Grabs Heart on Ground, Valentine Greetings
Child inside an envelope with hearts and an arrow
Series 949
Love's Greeting to my Valentine.

"To my Valentine"
Cupid pulling a Wagon with a heart, to the one I love
Leap-year Etiquette A woman approaching a man sitting in a chair
No Lady should ever enter the presence of any gentleman under the influence of Lemonade, Pink Tea, or other intoxicating beverages

Couple kissing inside a heart underneath flowers and above a winter scene
To my Valentine.

Woman wearing a hat and fur stole holding a fur coat
We know you're only waiting For leap year to come around. Then on the hunt you'll be again But I'm sure you're safe aground.

Girl with heart in background "I aint got to eat no worms"
Little Girl Offers Heart, To My Valentine
Series 155
My heart beats warm as warm can be, and this is 'cause of loving thee.

From the Darlene Thorne Collection

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