The Scotch Courtin

The Scotch Courtin Scotland


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Type: Postcard
Country: Scotland
Size: 3.5" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)

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Additional Details:
Some time ago in a rural Scottish village a couple went to the minister to be married. As the custom is, before pronouncing their doom, the divine enquired of the bridegroom if he was willing to take the woman whom he now held by the hand, to be his lawful wife. He nodded assent. The lady was then asked the same question. "No sir," said she. "What are your reasons," asked the minister, "for drawing back now after you have come all this length." "Oh," replied she, hanging her head, "I hae just taen a scunner at him." They accordingly went away; but in a week they came back again, and the minister asked if she now consented to take this man to be her husband. "Yes, sir," was the answer. The bridegroom was now asked if he was willing to take this woman as his wife. "No, sir," said he. "An' what's come over YOU now?" inquired the minister. "Oh," said he, "I hae just ta'en a scunner at her." And off they went a second time without being married. In a fortnight, however, they were back again, both thoroughly resolved, but when the minister saw them coming, he hurried downstairs and shut the house door, then, returning to his study, cried over the window - "For gudesake, gae awa' hame, you twa, for I've taen a scunner at ye baith."