Sergeant Dooley And The "Puccaun".

Sergeant Dooley And The Puccaun. England


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Country: England
Size: 3.5" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)

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Is it for high thrayson you'd be arristin'th poor ould puccaun,misthrer?cries fair spctator."Bedad,it's paynal servitude he'll be givin'it!"chimes th other."Come over here an'I'll hold your goo for ye,Sargint!."Don't mind her,Inspecther,I'll go round an unlace ye meself!"."Sure,it's only stockin's the poor crathur's Kittn' for ve.sur!"."When'll the thryal come on,your Warship?"."Put us on the jury,your Lordship,an'we'I giv a verdict of "delayrium thramns" on Yourself an' the puccaun!"."Just wait now"says the Sergent at last,exasperated byond endurance,"just wait now my pair o'playboys till I come-across your sweetharts.Murphy an' Flynn,an'I'll-I'll-just wait now!".
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