Lot of 10: Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Images

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Type: Postcard
Era: Continental Chrome
City: Nagasaki
Country: Japan
Size: 4.25" x 6" (11 x 15.25 cm)
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郵便はがき PLACE STAMP HERE ADDRESS ONLY POST CARD 立ち昇るきのこ雲 / 長崎 昭和20年8月9日、世界で二番目の原子爆弾が長崎市に投下された。その威力 はTNT火薬約22キロトンであった、と推定されている。また即死者を含めて 昭和20年末までの死亡者数は約70,000人と推定されている。 RISING MUSHROOM CLOUD The A-bomb dropped on Nagasaki was the second used in the world, on August 9, 1945. The power was said to be as equivalent to 22 kilotons of the conventional T. N. T. And the killed people are estimated about 70,000 in number on the last in 1945, including simultaneously killed one with the explosion. 郵便はがき PLACE STAMP HERE 000-00 ADDRESS ONLY POST CARD 三菱兵器製作所大橋工場の惨状 / 長崎 (爆心地から北約1.3キロメートル) 屋根のスレート、周囲の鉄板は木っ端みじんに飛び散った。鉄骨はあたかもあ めのように折れ曲り、折り重なって倒壊し無残な姿をとどめた。 死者 約 300人重傷者 約 1,200人軽傷者 約 3,000人 TERRIBLE SCENE AT THE OHASHI WORKS OF THE MITSU- BISHI ORDNANCE FACTORY (ABOUT 1.3 KILOMETERS NORTH OF THE HYPOCENTER) Roofing slates and steel plates were scattered around like leaves and the iron frames were twisted like the strings of pulled taffy, piling one upon another. Many left, unable to bear the carnage of this place. The dead: about 300 persons The deadly injured: about 1, 200 persons The slightly injured: about 3,000 persons 郵便はがき PLACE STAMP HERE ADDRESS ONLY POST CARD E 長崎の惨状 TA ETEJÉT (i to, 5 *1800 X – 1 L) Ź R I * EŤt ( F . Litt 5 *1600 X – TIL ) Dett. AIXÍ FEIL 1 D E APE T ID5 II () lut Tuto ONE OF THE TERRIBLE SCENES IN NAGASAKI This picture shows a disastrous scene of Nagasaki Medical School Hospital ( ahead, about 800 meters southeast of the hypocenter) and Mitsubishi Technological School for Young Men in Nagasaki (this side, about 600 meters southeast of the hypocenter). There was an evacuated machine works (H works) on the first floor of the technological school. 郵便はがき PLACE STAMP HERE ADDRESS ONLY POST CARD - 爆風に吹き飛ばされ、焼けた電車 / 長崎 誰が何人乗っていたのだろうか。わずかに車体基部だけが無残な姿をとどめて いる。市民は数か月間というもの当時唯一の交通の足をうばわれた。 A STREETCAR BLOWN OFF AND BURNT DOWN How many and who were on the car ? Only the wretched iron lump of floor framework still remained. Due to this disaster, the sole public way of transportation was inoperative for several months. 郵便はがき PLACE STAMP HERE ADDRESS ONLY POST CARD 押しつぶされた大橋町ガスタンク / 長崎 (爆心地から北約 600メートル) このガスタンクは最大爆風圧19t/m² で押しつぶされた。 CRUSHED GAS TANK IN OHASHI-MACHI (ABOUT 600 METERS NORTH OF THE HYPOCENTER) The tank was crushed with the maximum blast pressure of 19 ton per square meters. 郵便はがき PLACE STAMP HERE 000-00 ADDRESS ONLY POST CARD 空をおおう原子雲 / 長崎 爆心地から約10キロメートルの長崎港外から見た原子雲。灰色の雲のかたまり の下に、あわいだいだい色の影をおとして空をおおい、その高さは12キロメー トルにも達した。この写真は原爆さく裂後約10分ごろ撮影された。 ATOMIC CLOUD COVERS THE SKY A tomic cloud was seen from Koyagi Island, situated in the outskirts of the Harbor of Nagasaki, about 10 kilometers south of the hypocenter. The grey cloud mass reached 12 kilometers in hight, covering all the sky and throwing light orange shadows beneath it. This picture was taken about ten minutes after the A-bomb explosion. 郵便はがき PLACE STAMP HERE ADDRESS ONLY POST CARD 焼野が原となった浜口町通り / 長崎 視界をさえぎるものは何もなくなった。わずかに三菱製鋼所の鉄骨と煙突が望 見できるのみ。瓦れきをかたづけて一条の道がようやくつけられた。 HAMAGUCHI-MACHI STREET CHANGED INTO A BURNT-OUT FIELD Nothing obstructed your sight, only remaining the iron frameworks and chimneys of the Mitsubishi Steel Works stood toppling over there. A road was made with difficulty after putting the heap of rubble aside. 郵便はがき PLACE STAMP HERE ADDRESS ONLY POST CARD 廃墟の浦上天主堂 / 長崎 (爆心地から北東約500メートル) 信徒14,000人を数えた浦上天主堂も、原爆の一閃で無残に崩れおち、当時参堂 していた主任司祭ほか信徒十数人は全員下敷きとなって死亡した。 URAKAMI CATHEDRAL IN RUINS ( ABOUT 500 METERS NORTHEAST OF THE HYPOCENTER) This cathedral which had more than 14, 000 devotees was completely changed into ruins at an instant flash of the A-bomb expbsion. Father and some ten prayers in the congregation were crushed to death under the fallen debris. 郵便はがき PLACE STAMP HERE ADDRESS ONLY POST CARD 山王神社の片足鳥居 / 長崎 この片足鳥居は原爆落下中心地から東南約 800メートルに位置し原爆の爆風に よって他方の足を吹き飛ばされたものである。 現在も、被爆当時の場所で、当時の姿そのままを伝える数少ない貴重な資料の 一つとなっている。 ONE-LEGGED ARCH OF SANNO SHINTO SHRINE This one-legged shrine arch is situated about 800 meters southeast of the hypocenter. The other leg was blown off by the violent blast of the A- bombing on August 9, 1945. This is one of the most valuable relics which still remains as it really was at the same place as before. 郵便はがき PLACE STAMP HERE ADDRESS ONLY POST CARD 被爆天使の像 / 長崎 (爆心地から東北約500メートル) この天使像は浦上天主堂の外壁に飾られていた。原爆のさく裂と同時に地上に 落下し、左眼がつぶれたものである。原爆の熱線を強く受けた部分が黒くなっ ている。 THE IMAGE OF AN ANGEL THAT UNDERWENT THE CARNAGE BY THE A-BOMBING (ABOUT 500 METERS NORTHEAST OF THE HYPOCENTER) This image had been originally set at the upper outer wall of Urakami Cathedral. At the same time as the explosion, the image fell down on the ground and was broken the 'left eye. The parts that received the intense heat rays are blackened.