Filipino Midgets. Smallest on Earth

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Awarded medals by the Government at the St. Louis Exposition.
From the Darlene Thorne Collection

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PHOTO Y GERNARD SISITERS FILIPINO MIDGETS Awarded me dals by the Government at the St. Louis Exposition. Smallest on Earth. 1

PLACE POST CARD STAMP HERE ADDRESS FILIPINO MIDGETS These tiny people are brother and sister. two children of a family of five born in the village of Tanlagan, Province of Capiz, Island of Panay P. I. The little lady, Miss Martina de la Cruz, is the second child born in that family of five, 40 years of are, height 21 inches, weight 25 pounds height 24 inches, weight 27 lbs. people have every joint. bone and muscle in their body the same as any normal person. They are very bright and intelligent, having mastered three of the dialects of the Philippine language, neme'v, Taga log, Viscayan. Pampamga, Spanish and Englis, practically five distinct languages. The parents were also the other The midget man was married to an average sized Filipino woman. baby, Maria, about 3 years of age, which was of normal size and just as tall as her papa. The baby died in the town of Daytona, Flerida. March 15th, 1907. terv The Filipino Midgets are the smallest living adults known to be alive to-day in the World It is amusing to watch these tiny bits of hu- manity dance together, and the little man through his brother. an average sized Filipino, furnishes the music Her brother, Juan, is 36 years of age These little averaged sized Filipinos three children in that family They had a very pretty girl Buried in Sea Breeze Ceme- go acrobatic performance while his AS 15

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