Contra Costa County California 1915


Stock #: 795169
Type: Postcard
State: California (CA)
County: Contra Costa
Size: 3.25" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)
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From the Darlene Thorne Collection

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INDUSTRIES INVESTMENTS EXCEED $150 MILLION 70 MILES Of shore line bordering wide channel, offords omple ond safe harbor for the commerciol Fleet of the world, with docking facilities unexcelled onywhere The average annual volume of grain shipments alone, IS in excess of a HALF MILLION TONS Scenic grandeur unsurpassed Right over there THE AD. MAP a deep OF CONTRA COSTA CO. CALIFORNIA 1915 THE ISLANDS VALLEJO grow BAY ALONA CROCKE FORMEY SUISUN BAY KFOINT NICHOL PORT coSTA Anyth n9 rom peonuts and ootatoes to Rine-oples Tons of tummy king PITTSBURG HARBOR AVON BAY RODEO HERCULES SAN SANTA FE SOUTHERN PACIFIC YOAQUIN RIVER TOMATOES Trainloads of syptulent celery andencous ASPARAGUS 44 42 49 RY ANTIOC DIABLO SANTA MARTINEZ PINOLE 38-40 (COUNTY SEAT RY GAANT STATE MUIR PACHECO OAKLEY MINCE PIE AS common diet for the MINT# crop IS always good! CONCORD 36 ALMONDS FOR ALL SAN PABLO -54 KNIGHTSEN CALMAMBRA MINERAL SPRINGS Heavy Hay Harvests Beans Barley COWELL SOMERSVILLE SAN n and Grovensteins Abundonce -57 40 CLAYTON INTENSIVE BIXLE CMICAGO grow here. BRENT OOD Gorgeoys Gropes TO PABLO YRICHMOND INDUSTRIES ORWOOD PAC GAS ELECTRIC PEACHES PIGS AND PEARS SCENIC Wooded hills 63 GOOD GRAZING FOR -62 Bushels 89 POINT RICHMND OP IHuge Onions HERE Able Orators Berries WALNUT CREEK LA FAYETTE ARABLE ACRES ALFALFA CALVES MARIN COUNTY OF MARSH ROAD 27 CREEK ELSEWHERE Bonn A constructan shady dells hereabout UNIVERSITY 24 ROAD MI DIABLO ANGEL isLAND ALIPORA BYRON OrBAT WES TERN Powe Ce ENORMOUS NUTS ALTITUDE 3849 Our big sisterSAN FRANc/sco) and much of CALIFORNIA 1s iSible offer FOR AND ALAMO BYRON O bur panore m.a seErecty Subime AND MORAGA 30 63ERUITS 9 NOT 36 OIABLO IN SPRINGS GROWN UPS OF THEIR KIND ELOWERS OAKLAND DANVILLE CHURCHES in a PROFUSION 56 -33 Communities PPIE 1915 The chmate favors foiries, ond our doughters ore delightful BOTH FLORAL ANS TASSAJARA FACTS. FEMININE AND SAN RAMON The county ranks first in volume ond val ue of industrial products for 1914 shows a value of 250 MILLION Value of fruit preducts Value of ferm products Vclue of Iive stock Rssessed valuotion necrly 58000,000 Tax rate 60 Grammor Schools 66 High Schools 7 59 ~HEALTH, happiness, and prosperity prevail Physicans are needed to old Doc Stork,who THE COUNTYYFREE LIBRARY has 51 branches. DISTANCES FROM Authentic dota SAN FRANCIS CO monthly circulation of 7000 volumes and BY RAIL only as aporentices Settled henre before the doys of 49 $ ONE 20 $ ONE LEGEND oilroads Automobile roads Stote Highway lectors Pon- Lines Get on a steomboot or get on a train Dont mind a Iittle bit Come to CoNTRA COSTA we'll treat you right THE MAP f it lookshke roin and if youre all right, well welcome you again MADE MARTINEZ BY And then some. MR CONDON COPRIGNTED i915by WE Come 500 Miles of Electric trersmss on Iines Thrs dope sheet is gras If you wish to know more fe Mr Condon. ony nensoaper or pv6irc gHicpl For detals consult the OFFICIAL Coumr MAPS ComTRA COSTA COUNTY booth CauroRNIA 6ing. PPIE displcy in the Compled Puolished by AaNOLD 46LAS3. MARTINEL CAL on Revurd-Herald Co, Rehmoud. Cal COWELL 7 FERRY AXE RY.. CREEK STERN rIOCH SANTA FR SOUTHER SAN PABLO MARIN BAY FRANCISCO


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