Route Map of Mr. Roosevelt's Hunting Trip

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Roosevelt Tour Series
From the Darlene Thorne Collection

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Place the Stamp Here POST CARD One Cent for United States and Island Possessions, Cuba, Canada and Mexico The Roosevelt party MAP OF AFRICA. reached their hunting grounds by way of the Uganda Railway, a line of railroad which was built seven years ago and which brought the light of modern civilization into a region of barbarism, of naked savages and of tribal warfare. From Mombasa the party proceeded to Nairobi, the capital of British East Africa. After hunting in the country round about, they proceed to Port Florence, the Eastern terminus of the Uganda Railway. This is on the shore of Lake Victoria Nyanza. From there they take boat to Entebbe, the capital of Uganda, and then proceed by caravan to Gondokoro. the Nile by steamer to Khartum and thence by the Sundan Military Railway to Wadi Halfa. They will proceed to Cairo, arriving there in April, 1910. Mr. Roosevelt will then make a brief journey in Europe, returning to America in the summer of 1910. FOR ADDRESS ONLY Two Cents for Foreign They then go down al THIS SPACE MAY BE USED FOR CORRESPONDENCE "ROOSEVELT TOUR" PUBLISHED BY ARTHUR CAPPER. TOPEKA, KANSAS COPYRIGHTED, 1909, BY ARTHUR CAPPER, TOPEKA, KANSAS

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