How Navajo Rugs Are Made

3.5" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)
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This scene reprents the making of a Navajo rug in the Indians home or Hogan,which is done in the winer time.In summer ,the weaving is done outdoor under the shade of a free .After the wool has been shared from the sheep ,shrted and washed ,it is carded, to makem the fibers lie in our direction ,which is here being done by the small girl in the center.It is then worked into a cord and wound upon a distaff ,which is being done by the woman at the left.This operation is repeated many times until the cord has been twisted to the red id thendayed .The last step is the weaving .The manner of weaving and the loom with an unfinished blanket,of,all wool,and entirely hand made are becomong greatly appreciated for their wearing qualities no less than their string beauty,

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