Rinkenbach's --Eyesight Specialists - Easter Basket

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3.5" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)
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Have you Eye=Troubles? Such as headaches, poor distant vision, type blurring while reading, Eyes itching, burning, watering, red or inflamed; don’t be a victim of Eye strain. We would urge you at the first signs of eye trouble to consult us. Our examination of the eyes is a thorough scientific test of Each eye separately, and also a test of the muscles that control The movements of the eyes; both being essential to insure correctness In the fitting of glasses. Save the pieces – if broken – we can duplicate any lens no matter How complicated. “Persons with normal vision will be able to read this print at a Distance of 16 inches from the eyes with ease and comfort, also Will be able to read with each eye separately. If unable to do so Your eyes are defective and should have immediate attention.” Rinkenbach’s – Eyesight Specialists – 1215 N. 3rd. St. Harrisburg

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