Burlington Zephyr

3.5" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)
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Burlington Zephyr at a century of progress exposition - 1934. Built of stainless steel - Electric shot-welded - Rides on articulated trucks. Powered by an eight-cylinder, two - cycle, 660 horse-power, oil-burning Diesel engine. Runs on roller Bearings - Air-conditioned - Equipped for radio reception. Burlington Route on May 26, 1934, the Zephyr broke all long-distance, non-stop World's Records for railroad trains when it ran 1015 miles from Denver, Colo. to Chicago in 785 minutes to signalize the reopening of A Century of Progress Exposition. The Zephyr left Denver 5:04 AM Mountain Time and reached Halsted Street, Chicago 7:09 PM Central Time - 13 hr. 5 min. Its average speed on the spectacular down-to-dusk flight was 77.6 miles and hour . . . its top speed 112.5 miles an hour.

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