Famous American Indian Series - Red Cloud

Divided Back
3.5" x 5.75" (9 x 15 cm)
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Series 7
A principal Sioux chief born at the forks of the Platt River, in Nebraska in 1822. He was the leader of the Indians in the Fetterman massacre near Ft. Kearny, Wyo., in 1866, where he destroyed the entire command of Captain Fetterman. He was not an hereditary chief, but rose to distinction through his natural ability in leadership. As a warrior he stood first among his people, having a record of 80 coups, or separate deeds of bravery in battle. In 1880 he made a treaty with the government, which he faithfully observed. He was described as a most courtly chief, and a natural gentleman. He died at Pine Ridge, S. D., Dec. 8, 1909.

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