President Reagan and Vice President Bush

President Reagan and Vice President Bush Ronald Reagan


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Type: Postcard
Era: Chrome
Publisher: Coral-Lee
Size: 3.5" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)

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President Reagan and Vice President Bush assess their first year report card: 1980 President campaign promises kept: reduce taxes and accelerate depreciation; slowed federal spending; promoted the MX missile, the B-1 bomber and neutron bomb; boosted military pay; reduced government business regulations; ended embargo on grain to help farmers; appointed a woman to the Supreme Court; removed price controls from oil and discouraged government subsidies; administered block grants to cities and states. Promises still to come to fruition; balance the budget by 1983; eliminate the minimum wage or lower the minimum for teenage workers; abolish Department of Energy and Education; remove remaining price controls from natural gas and phase out the "windfall profits" tax levied on oil production; enable business tax breaks for locating in blighted neighborhoods or urban "enterprise zones"; place Social Security on a sound financial footing and remove the earned-income limit for retirees, ages 65 to 71; permit tuition tax credits for parents of students attending private schools. America has been set on a new course toward smaller government, more reliance on private economy and good old individual initiative. The President's personal popularity rides high and he garners 5 gold stars for unwavering behavior as he forges ahead with the concepts that elected him to office. First year report card - 1981.