Rescuing a Torpedo After Practice by USS Utah

Rescuing a Torpedo After Practice by USS Utah Navy

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Jackies from the U.S. SS. Utah recovering a spent torpedo after target practice. A torpedo is like a small, independent submarine. It is 21 feet long, 21 inches in diameter, and is divided into six compartments. The first or front compartment contains damp gun cotton and detonator which explodes the torpedo when it comes into contact with anything solid, as a ship's side. Second, compressed air tank containing 1,340 pounds of air to drive the propellers. Third, balance compartment from which project horizontal planes. Fourth, engine compartment containing turbine type motor driven by compressed air. Fifth, bouyancy compartment holding enough air to keep torpedo from sinking and make it easily propelled. Sixth, gyroscope compartment to insure its continuance on the course aimed. The torpedo also has horizontal and perpendicular rudders which may be set at any angle, and strong twin propellers