Arbuckles' Coffee Collector's Card, Connecticut

Arbuckles' Coffee Collector's Card, Connecticut Advertising


Stock #: 395770
Type: Trade Card
Size: 3" x 5" (7.5 x 12 cm)

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Additional Details:
This series of cards is at once interesting, instructive and artistic, yet offered as an advertisement. Each card shows a correct map of one State, or Territory. The pictures illustrating the peculiar industries and scenery of the States and Territories are entirely new, and by the very best American artists. If you chance to get two cards of one kind, your neighbor also may have two of a kind, in which case you can exchange with each other. Arbuckles' Ariosa Coffee costs more and is worth more than any other brands of coffee. It is made from green coffee of higher grade and better drinking quality. Its strength and aroma are retained by our glazing process. The glazing composed of eggs and sugar, retains the full strength and aroma of our coffee. Beware of buying low-grade package coffee, falsely purporting to be made of Mocha Java and Rio; this being cheap device, employed by the manufacturers to deceive consumers.
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