Arbuckles' Coffee Collector's Card, Norway

Arbuckles' Coffee Collector's Card, Norway Advertising


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Type: Trade Card
Size: 3" x 5" (7.5 x 12 cm)

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No. 15-One of fifty cards giving a pictorial history of the sports and pastimes of all Nations. The Scandinavians, comprising the inhabitants of Norway, Sweden and Denmark are of one race, yet each leads a distinctive national life. They are as a rule, whole-souled, thrifty, industrious and good-natured. Although sober-minded, they readily give themselves up to innocent pleasure. In person, the Norwegian is a big blonde Hercules, raw-boned and strong. The Norwegian Country Wedding is a pretty institution, and fishing is not only a sport, but an industry. The fish which are caught form a staple article of diet for the fisherman's wife and family. The peasant milkmaid is a picturesque figure in this land. Wooden shoes or sabots are much worn. While Norwegians are not graceful, they are most devoted dancers, and spend night after night, often till broad daylight in that enjoyable exercise. Arbuckle Brothers, Ariosa Coffee, New York City.
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