The Children of Charles I by Anthony Van Dyck

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3.5" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)
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The various groups in which Van Dyck painted the children o'Charles I are among the most charming things which the master produced during his residence in England. He always treated them as if he loved his work. The dates of these groups are very indefinite, but this one, the gem of them all, probably was painted in 1635. At Sixteen, Van Dyck entered the studio fo Rubens as his pupil and assistant. His talent developed with astonishing rapidity. The esteem in which Rubens held him showed itself in numerous acts of kindness. He was knighted by Charles I of England and appointed court painter. He lived far beyond his means and finally presented his unpaid claims to the King. These claims were but partially satisfied, when he went to France hoping to obtain the commission to paint the galleries of the Louvre. Disappointed and in broken health, he returned to England and died soon after. Born in Antwerp, March, 1599; died in London, December, 1641

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