San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

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Looking over the west bay between San Francisco and Yerba Buena Island at twin suspension bridges, each 4,630 feet long, joined end to end and having at their junction a common anchorage consisting of a great concrete monolith, topped by a steel shroud, which rises 282 feet above water and rests on bedrock 220 feet below low tide. The theory of the suspension bridge is that of the clothesline anchored at either end, sufficient to hold the weight hung thereon, and supported at intervals by props or towers. The piers of this bridge-51 in number-set new marks on engineering frontiers, going deeper below water than any previous substructure has heretofore been built. Some of the piers go as far as 237 feet below low tide. The two suspension bridges have 2,310-foot main spane. The lower deck carries two tracks for interurban electric cars and three lanes for heavy trucks, and upper deck carries a 58-foot highway for six lanes of automobiles

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