Pueblo Indians of San Ildefonso Making Pottery Without Potter's Wheel

3.5" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)
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Pueblo Indians (Julian and Marie of San Ildefonso) making pottery without use of potter's wheel as practiced by their ancestors centuries before the white man's coming. At left of picture is pile of potter's clay carefully freed from impurities, this is moistened and worked into long strips. The vessel is begun in a bowl shaped basket and built up to shape by coiling the clay strips spirally, then the sides are scraped smooth with pieces of gourd seen in the background. The pottery is then left in the bowl shaped baskets to be sun dried. Polish is rubbed on the surface by a very smooth stone. The decoration is next applied, by painting moistened pipe clay with a brush of Yucca fibre. The firing is done over a bonfire covered with clods of clay and manure. If the desired color is to be black, as the finished piece in the lower corner of the picture, the fire is smudged. Otherwise the reddish color remains

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