Security Loan Association

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3.25" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)
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Money to loan! $10 to $200. Our business is to loan money to people who are temporarily embarrassed financially and to accommodate them with the money they need, quickly and privately, on easy terms. The security we require consists mainly of the fact that the borrower is the owner of furniture, piano, or some other kind of personal property. Goods remain in your possession. The payments can be arranged in small weekly or monthly installments to suit the borrower. Your credit once established with us is as good as a bank account in time of need. No questions asked of your neighbors. Absolute privacy and courtesy extended to all whether you borrow or not. Call and see us. Private offices. Ask for the manager. Security Loan Association, Suite 222 Barnes Building, Cor. Douglas & Lawrence Aves. Office hours: 9 to 12 - 1:30 to 5. Saturday nights to 8 o'clock

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