Art Post Cards

3.5" x 8.25" (9 x 21 cm)
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Shown on the reverse side and identified by numbers are subjects which can be ordered directly in limited quantities. These are collectors items. Check number for each post card desired and quantity. Special wholesale post card rates in USA and Canada: 21 post cards assorted or selected, $1.00; 45 post cards assorted or selected $2.00. Mail check or money order payable to Morris Katz Art Studio, 890 E. Tremont Ave., Bronx NY 10460, USA. 18 of Morris Kats'z painting have been reproduced in full color for the first in in the book "Tales of the Gaonim (Sages)" by the eminent Rabbi Sholom Klass. The cover, 13"x9", is suitable for framing. This treasure chesk of the greatest stories of all times is written in a simple and easily understood English. It also includes four rare pen and ink illustrations by Morris Katz. Available through The Jewish Press, 2427 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn, NY for $6 a copy. The J.A. Olson Co., is currently marketing Morris Katz's original oils in larger sizes

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