Dinosaur, steagosaurus

Dinosaur, steagosaurus

Stock #: 242086
Type: Postcard
Era: Linen
Publisher: T. Boylan
Size: 3.5" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)

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Famous creations of Wyoming Nature petrifies advancing life history into lifestone. These first curious of this planet, dead one hundred million years, envisaged evolution and creational wonder. Ages unknown began creation's struggle for consistent earthly life. Unreasoning creatures crowned with horny armour gored others with their reptillian tails; rattles warn intruders today. Carnivorous dinosar thirty feet long, tore flesh from those less alert, seeking safety with massive legs, but little brains. Naturally, reverse must revolve evolution by revolution, so necessity topped intellect on two feet, reduced natural armoured brutes and made homeruns pleasure. Giant vegetarians with twenty-ton bodies ground food in stony gizzards. "Chickens!" you say; yes without wings, eggs they laid. These famous creations, with fossilzied man, will reveal the wonders of progress to futurity
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