King Penguin

King Penguin Maximum Cards


Stock #: 235605
Type: Postcard
Era: Continental Chrome
Publisher: Fleetwood
Postmark: 1992 Oct-1
PM City: New Orleans
PM State: LA
Stamp: 29c
Philatelic Notes: First day of issue - Penguin Stamp
Size: 4" x 5.75" (10.25 x 15 cm)

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Additional Details:
No.92-123. The King Penguin is a flightless bird inhabiting the far reaches of the Southern Hemisphere. While the family is associated with Antarctica, only two species--the Adelie and the Emperor--are common to or reach this frigid continent. The other species of penguins can be found along the cool southern coasts of Africa, New Zealand, Australia and South America. Despite its clumsy gait and somewhat comical appearance, the King Penguin is ideally adapted to life in the subarctic. During the process of evolution, its wings have developed into modified flippers which propel the bird through the water. Its feathers are comprised of fluffy filaments which make them virtually water-proof, and a thick layer of blubber provides additional insulation. The King Penguin is sustained on a diet of fish, crustaceans and squid, and remains at sea for weeks at a time to feed. Basically defenseless, this bird is also the favorite fare of marine carnivores such as the Orca and Leopard Seal
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