Don't be a gas hog!

Don't be a gas hog! Comic, Funny


Stock #: 235009
Type: Postcard
Era: Continental Chrome
Size: 4" x 6" (10.25 x 15.25 cm)

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Abide by these 20 commandments 1. Avoid prolonged idling periods - driving slowly for a mile or two will warm up your car engine, save gas and bring you closer to your destination. You are not on a drag strip so when pulling away from a stop, steadily increase the pressure on the gas pedal - don't stomp on it. The carburetor can only drink up so much gas at a time; the rest is lost by run off. 2. Make sure that the carburetor provides the engine with the leanest practical mixture of air and gasoline. 3. Have points, plugs and timing checked so as to insure that all gasoline vapors are being utilized. 4. Slightly overinflate your tires so as to minimize road resistance. 5. Try to anticipate situations which will force you to a complete stop because stopping represents a waste of momentum which was achieved by the expenditure of that precious fluid. Accelerating toward a traffic light, which has just turned red, becomes a wasteful "hurry up and wait" proposition. 6. If possible, maintain a full tank of gas to minimize evaporation and condensation. Moisture in the engine will make it inefficient and possibly cause vapor or ice locks which only makes starting difficult or impossible. 7. When waiting for someone, turn off the engine. 8. Don't use premium gas if your car can achieve top performance on regular. 9. Try to avoid using or buying a "gas guzzler" - particularly if the gas situation continues unabated. That dinosaur in your driveway may shrink to the value of a pussy cat. 10. Don't fall victim to the line of improved additives or mechanical gimmicks. They cost money and you are the most effective conserver of gasoline
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