Ansett-ANA Serving Australia & Papua/New Guinea

3.5" x 5.75" (9 x 15 cm)
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ANSETT-ANA offers the only Complete Travel Service in Australia & Papua/New Guinea There are many advantages in dealing with Australia's Free Enterprise System. Here are some of are offered the widest choice of domestic routings...that special itinerary can be arranged free of charge...all your bookings, schedules, including accommodation and travel by air, road, rail and sea, can be arranged at the one source free of airline representative will meet you at the airport and help you to feel at home. No matter what your problem, Ansett-ANA, with facilities of its associated companies, can make your stay in Australia or Papua/New Guinea enjoyable and trouble-free. See your Travel Agent, Ansett-ANA Representative, or their General Sales Agent for further details or bookings. ANSETT-ANA AIRLINES OF AUSTRALIA Australian Tours Manager, Ansett-ANA, 489 Swanston St., Melbourne, C.1, Australia. Telephone: 34 0291. Cables: 'Airways'

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