My Dear Girl, Maybe!

My Dear Girl, Maybe! Romance & Love

Stock #: 20414
Type: Postcard
Era: Divided Back
Postmark: 1908
Stamp: 1c
Size: 3.5" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)

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Additional Details:
My Dear Girl.-Maybe! Maybe you will be surprised to receive this card and maybe you wont; maybe you will enjoy reading it, and maybe you wont. Maybe you will answer and maybe you wont; maybe I will write again an maybe I wont. Maybe you will leave your happy home for me and maybe you wont; maybe I want you to and maybe I don't. Maybe I could furnish you a home and maybe I couldn't; maybe I would try to get you and maybe I wouldn't; maybe there will come a time and maybe there wont; maybe I want to talk to you and maybe I don't. Maybe I will come to see you and maybe I wont; maybe I want to and maybe I don't.Maybe I love you and maybe I don't; maybe I could and maybe I don't; maybe I will see you soon, and maybe I won't maybe you care and maybe you don't Maybe you go out with other fellows and maybe you don't; maybe I will catch you and maybe I wont. Maybe it will make you angry and maybe it wont. Maybe you have another fellow and maybe you haven't. Maybe he will take you driving and maybe he wont; maybe he will kiss you and maybe he wont. Maybe I will hug you and you will say don't. Maybe we will tie the knot and maybe we wont. Maybe you will guess who this is from and maybe you wont. If you should find out whom this is from and answer, you are a wise one. Try your luck. Ta-Ta. MAY-B.
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