Flicker (Male and Female)

Flicker (Male and Female) Birds

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Publisher: National Association of Audubon Societies
Size: 3.5" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)

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No. 19 Flicker Length 12 inches This Flicker is the largest of our common Woodpeckers and is generally recognized by even those who make no pretensions to be students of birds. It is, doubtless, best known throughout most of its range as Yellowhammer, although it is called many other names, among which are Golden-winged Woodpecker and Highholder. The Flicker is perhaps the most interesting and resourceful of all our Woodpeckers and has come to be more initmately associated with man's life than most of the others. Unlike its relatives, it is, to quite an extent, a ground-feeding bird and may be seen hopping about lawns and orchards, in company with Robins and Grackles, searching for the ants which make up a large portion of its food. Few examples of bird-behavior are more interesting and entertaining than the performances of a small group of these birds during the mating period in the early spring. The nest is usually excavated in the semi-soft wood of some dead tree or snag, although, if nesting boxes are provided, ther are often occupied. From five to nine white eggs are laid. Classification: Order Pici. Family Picida. Scientific name: Colaptes auratus. Range: Eastern North America from tree limit south to Florida. A sub-species is recognized in Eastern and Northern North America
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