Sharp-Shinned Hawk (Adult and Young)

Sharp-Shinned Hawk (Adult and Young) Birds


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Publisher: National Association of Audubon Societies
Size: 3.5" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)

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No. 11 Sharped-shinned Hawk Length, Male, 15 1/2 inches The names "Chicken Hawk" and "Hen Hawk," which are so generally misapplied, might, with greater propriety, be used for this species. It is one of the most destructive of Hawks, and, together with the Cooper's Hawk, is sometimes called "Blue Darter." This name is very descriptive of the hunting habits of this active, courageous and persistent little Hawk, for it darts with great swiftness, from out a place of concealment in thick foliage, into a poultry yard or game farm, strikes its quarry and is off again before the keeper has any chance to act. The wild birds of field and forest know it well and fear it. It is even capable of overtaking and catching a Bob-White in full flight. It feeds, to some extent, however, upon shrews, frogs, lizards and insects. "Of 159 stomachs examined, 6 contained poultry or game birds; 99, other birds; 6, mice; 5, insects; and 52 were empty." (Fisher.) The nest is in trees from fifteen to forty feet from the ground. There are from three to five pale white, greenish or bluish-white eggs, heavily spotted and marked with chocolate and shades of brown. Classification: Order Raptores. Family Butconida. Scientific name: Accipiter velox. Range: Breeds throughout all temperate and sub-artic North America, and winters from British Columbia and the northern tier of states southward to Panama
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