Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron Birds

Stock #: 201731
Publisher: National Association of Audubon Societies
Size: 3.5" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)

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No. 3 Great Blue Heron Length 48 inches This stately bird is often mistakenly called “Blue Crane” by those who are not students of birds. It is often seen standing motionless in the shoal waters of lake margins or rivers, or on mudflats left by receding tides. Here it catches the fish and frogs, as well as other prey which constitute its food. Again, with neck drawn in and legs stretched out behind, it may be seen flapping with measured wing-beats from one feeding round to another. Its note is guttural squawk. During most of the year it is a solitary bird, but during the breeding season it often congregates in colonies sometimes as many as a hundred pairs gathering for this purpose in a favorite locality. Its nest which consists of a rude platform of sticks and twigs is usually placed in tall trees, although where these do not occur it occasionally nests on the ground. Generally four or five pale-blue eggs are laid. Classification: Order Herodiones. Family Ardeidae. Scientific name: Ardea Herodias. Range: Throughout the Western Hemisphere from Canada to Panama and Venezuela. No. 3. from set of 50 Winter Birds of the Northeastern United States. Published by the National Association of Audubon Societies, 1974 Broadway, New York City. Price per set, in a box, $1.00, post paid
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