Black Duck

Black Duck Ducks

Stock #: 201730
Type: Postcard
Era: Linen
Publisher: National Association of Audobon Societies
Size: 3.5" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)

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Additional Details:
Black Duck; Length 22 inches This species, though called the Black Duck, is not in reality black, but it so closely resembles the dusky female of its near relative, the Mallard, that it is sometimes called Black Mallard. The Black Duck not only resembles the female Mallard in appearance, but also in its habits much akin to its green-headed cousin. This Duck, however, is said to be one of the wildest and wariest of all the "Wild Ducks." It soon learns to keep well beyond gunshot, and, if too persistently hunted, will fly out to sea, where it passes the day, returning at night to its favorite haunts. It is very alert and active at all times, and has extraordinary powers of flight, even for a Duck. The nest is on the ground in grass or brush, often far from water. It lays from six to twelve creamy or buff-colored eggs. Classification: Order Anseres. Family Anatida. Scientific Name: Anas rubripes. Range: Throughout eastern North America, but far more abundant in the Eastern States and New England. It breeds from central Canada south to wisconsin and Maryland, and winters south to the Gulf