Everett Adargo, Native Diver

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3.5" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)
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Record: 3 Minutes 15 Seconds-Depth, 56 Feet Among the marine specimens which may be viewed through the clear crystalline waters on the lava-like floor of the sea are: Kelp And Mosses Iodine Kelp Sea Garpe Kelp Ribbon Kelp Giant Bulb Kelp Rainbow Kelp Red Alga Lavender Alga Bridal Veil Moss Irish Moss Chenille Moss Feather Boa Moss Ruby Moss Feather Moss Sponge Moss Heather Moss Coral Moss Chiffon Moss Fishbone Fern Maidenhair Fern Sea Grass Sea Lichen Purple Fungus or Sea Violet Fish And Shellfish Ratfish Garabaldi or Golden Perch Blue Perch Green Perch Convict Perch Gray Perch Silver Perch Rock Bass Opal-Eyed Bass Kelpfish Candlefish Whitefish Sculpin Ghostfish Octopus Jellyfish Sea Cucumber Sea Hare Sea Porcupine Leopard Shark Sheepshead Moray Eel Abalone Crawfish Sand Crab Sea Anemone Keyhole Limpet Starfish Pyramid Shell Round and Tubular Barnacles

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