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3.5" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)
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Series 910 A
Save Your Fleischmann's Yeast Cake Labels. Until Further Notice, we will give in return for each lot of 50 of our Yellow labels taken from cakes of Fleischmann's Yeast by the Consumer and sent by him or hier to us at 701 Washington Street, Nw York City, accompanied by a two cent postage stamp, a handsome Banner Picture. Upon request we will send you, freeof charge, a printed list of our pictures, from which you may make your own selection. Or, if you prefer, we will make a selection for you upon receipt of your labels. Our pictures represent the best work of the kind produced by the lithographer's art. Be sure that the yeast you Buy bears our yellow label. All lahbels and requests for premium lists must be sent to The Fleischmann Co., 699-701 Washington St., New York.

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