Moose Cow Bull

3.5" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)
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The Moose is the largest member of the Deer Family that ever existed. To fully appreciate its size you must see a live adult, 6' to 7' in height, Moose (Alces Americanus) striding like a four-legged Colossus thorough the evergreen forests of our northern states and Canada or Alaska, swinging away at incredible speed from danger. Its huge head is crowned with massive antlers spreading from 5 to 6 feet in width. The Moose does not graze, like Elk, but “browses” on bark, twigs, and leaves of certain trees and also on moss and lichens. It feeds upon lily pads and stems, even poking its nose under water seeking bulbs growing in the muddy bottom. It loves to wade in the water and is a powerful swimmer. The Moose mates in the fall and the young or “calf” is born in May. In the winter they usually herd up in “yards.”

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