Killdeer Birds

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This plover derives its name from its oftrepeated note of kildee, kildee, dee,dee. It is a widely distributed bird and is generally known even by those who are not students of bird life. It not only frequents the shores of rivers and lakes, but is even more commonly found in pastures and cultivated areas where it usually occurs in small flocks. It may often be seen wheeling gracefully through the air, or again running along sandy beaches or mud-flats, as well as in fields and orchards. Here it picks up a great variety of insects and larvae of which its fare principally consists. Many of these are very injurious to agriculture and the killdeer is therefore one of our most useful birds. The killdeer consumes little time building a nest, but usually lines a shallow cavity on the ground with small pebbles. Four eggs are generally laid. These are creamy white, spotted with chocolate brown. Few examples of bird behavior are more stricking than the efforts of the killdeer to lead intruders away form the nest. On such occasions its piteous cries and fluttering form are very appealing. Scientific name: Chardrius Vociferus. Length: 10? inches. Range: Throughout most of North and South America.
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