Riverfront Of The Springfield

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3.5" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)
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In 1636, as the Indians knew it, and from whom it was brought for 30 cents. Practically, by William Pynchon and his band of explorers from Springfield, England The exact consideration, according to the deed, was "ten fathoms of wampum (sea shells on a string), ten coats, ten hatchets, and en knives." Now 275 years later, Springfield would sell for 200 Million dollars or more, but President melon will sell us the strip of riverfront used by the N. H. R. R. for one million dollars and then we can have our beautiful Riverside Park and be happy. What do You thin of that? Riverfront of Springfield, Massachusetts, 1911. William Pynchon, Founder of Springfield, Massachusetts, 1636. The only citizen of the first century, the likeness of whose face is known. He was the leading man in the town until 1651, when he returned to England. A memorial to William Pynchon has been placed in the High School hall.

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