What I Would Do if I Had The Money

What I Would Do if I Had The Money Comic, Funny

Stock #: 11443
Publisher: G. & B
Postmark: 1910
PM City: Evansville
PM State: NC
Stamp: 1c
Size: 3.5" x 5.25" (9 x 14 cm)

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I'd buy the world back from John D. and chase him off the earth I'd let the people who use oil all get their money's worth I'd set old Ireland free with a King in every county And I'd simply flood fair Italy with spaghetti from my bounty I'd make Germany a Sanger Fest, with wiener wurst and beer I'd buy the pyramids and sphinx and move 'em over here I'd have an office in Moscow so business would be rushin' I'd give the Czar a bootblack's kit to give my boots a brushin' I'd buy up all the lords and counts and viscounts, dukes and carls And marry 'em off to Hottentots and save American girls I'd set the Chinese washing shirts, when all were clean and dried I'd feed 'em on Chop Suey till they took the cue and died And then I'd marry Hetty Green in an $18.00 flat Tell Pierpont Morgan ""go lay down"" and let it go at that
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