A Dutchman, addressing his dog

A Dutchman, addressing his dog Comic, Funny

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A Dutchman, addressing his dog, said: ""You was only a dog, but I wish I vas you; when you go mit your bed in, you shust turn round dree dimes and lay down; ven I go mit de bed in, I haf to lock up de blace yet, and wind up the clock and put the cat out, and ondress myself yet, and my frou vakes up and fights and the baby cries and I haf to valk him mid de house round vet. Den may be, ven I get myself to bed, it is time to get up again. Ven you get up, you shust stretch yourself, scratch your neck a leedle and you vas up. I haf to light de fire, put on de kiddle, scrap some mit my vife already and get myself breakfast yet. You play around all day and haf plenty of fun. I haf to work all day and have plenty of drubble. Ven you die you vas dead; ven I die maybe I haf to go to hell yet
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