Soused Again - Poem

Soused Again - Poem Drinking


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A gilded mirror, a polished bar, With myriads of glasses and straws in a jar, A kind faced young man all dressed in white Was my recollection of last night. The streets were narrow and far too long, Gutters were slippery, policemen were strong; The slamming of doors and a sea-going-hack Was my recollections of getting back. The steps were slippery and hard to climb, I rested often, as I had nothing but time, An awkward keyhole and a misplaced chair Informed the folks that I was there. A heated interior and a revolving bed. A sea-sick man with a ""hell"" of a head; And whiskey, beer and booze galore. Were introduced into the bed room floor. And in the morning came bags of ice; So necessary to the life to vice; And when they had soothed my aching brain. Did I swear off, No! I got Soused again