Norfolk And Western Railway

Norfolk And Western Railway Trains, Railroad

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The brochure said a double run-by with the Class A on a coal train and the Class 3 on the excursion passenger train. One would wonder how this would all come about. It was marvelous, in fact it was stupendous! There hasn't been a steam display such as this in decades. The class A, 1218, was on a coal train of hopper cars just long enough so when they went by, the caboose and observation were almost side by side. This spectacular event took place during the National Railway Historical Society Convention in Roanoke, Va., specifically on Saturday August 1, 1987 during the excursion to Radford, VA. Both locomotives were built in the railroad's shops in Roanoke, the 1218 in 1943 and the 611 in 1950.