National Made-to-Measure Tailored Suits-Woman Modelling Blue Suit

Divided Back
3.5" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)
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This Tailored Suit Booklet is Yours Free. This card will bring you two things by return mail Free. 1. The Special Tailor-Made Suit Booklet. 2. Samples of new materials. This Booklet shows all the new Made-to-Measure Tailored Suits and Skirts. Be sure to read what we have told you about this Booklet on Pages 72 and 73 of our Spring and Summer Style Book, and then if you wish this Suit Booklet write the word "yes" here and mail this card to-day--right now, lest you forget. Do You Want This Booklet? _____ Colors of Samples desired ________ Name _______ Correct Address _______. This Card is Good for one Coopy of the "National" Tailor-Made Suit Booklet and Samples of Materials Selected from the Finest Stock of Suitings in the World.

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