Money Saving Coupon for Camay Soap

Money Saving Coupon for Camay Soap Advertising


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Size: 3.25" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)

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Series 137-B, 96214
Bring this coupon to our store. We will send you 3 cakes Camay for 15 cts. Camay is usually sold 3 for 25 cts. Camay - The only complexion soap ever to receive approval of 73 leading skin specialists. And besides it's such a delightful soap to use with its firm smooth whiteness and delicate fragrance. Camay is made by Proctor & Gamble. Notice to the Dealer: Our salesman will redeem this coupon at the regular price when properly signed by the person receiving the Camay and only if it has been mailed according to our agreement.