The Most Popular Restaurants in the Nation

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In the nation the Occidental among the first 10 1st in Washington D. C. Make your visit to Washington complete by dining at the Ocidental. Enjoy the finest of fod with courteous service and view the largest gallery of autographed pictures in the world of famous statesmen, diplomates and people prominent in world affairs who have Eaten here during the passing years. In a nation-wide poll conducted by the research staff of the American Business Magazine, 7000 replies were receivedf. 2300 of the country's restaurants were named. Below is a listing of these restaurants according to this popularity poll. 1. Old Original Bookbinder's ... Philadelphia. 2. Antoine's Restaurant .... New Orleans 3. Miller Brother's ... Baltimore, Md. 4. Arnauds Restaurant ... New Orleans 5. Locke-Ober Cafe .... Boston, Mass. 6. Keen's English Chop House .... New York City 7. Barney's Market Grill .... Chicago 7. Charlie's Cafe Exceptionale ... Minneapolis 7. Durgin-Park .... Boston, Mass. 8. Mader's Famous Restaurant .... Milwaukee 8. The Krebs .... Skaneateles, N. Y. 9. Harry's Cafe .... Minneapolis 9. Ambassador East Hotel Pump Room .... Chicago 10. Occidental Restaurant ... Washington D. C.

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