United Airlines Menu Vista House at Crown Point

3.5" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)
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Vista House at Crown Point, overlooking the Columbia River Gorge near Portland. United Mainliners serve fourteen leading cities in the magnificent Pacific Northwest--one of the nation's most varied vacationlands. Menu This menu prepared in United Air Lines Flight Kitchen at Los Angeles, Max Burkhardt, Chef. Lobster Cocktail Louis Wafers Braised Kernel of Veal Sauce Madeira Pomme Chester Spinach Saute in Butter Whole Wheat Roll Melon Salad Mint Dressing Ginger Cake Coffee Tea, Iced or Hot Milk Dinner Mint UNITED AIR LINES United Air Lines' five-mile-a-minute DC-6 Mainliner 300s offer frequent daily flights between scores of leading Main Line Airway cities and Portland and Seattle-Tacoma. The fully-pressurized and air-conditioned cabin, and the DC-6 Mainliner 300 dependability record assure the utmost in fine transportation

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